KL specialises in helping our clients identify and deliver CHANGE needed for organisational transformation and GROWTH. 


As change and growth require exceptional leadership, KL provides training and development for leaders at both an individual and organisational level. 


The power of teams is well accepted, but creating world-class teams requires collaboration between the leader and the followers; we provide expertise in helping leaders to build high performance, world-class teams.






KL engagements span from short-term projects, providing analysis, advice and ongoing health and progress-checking, through to long-term, full-time executive engagements, taking full responsibility and accountability for execution and growth.




From global multi-billion dollar blue-chip clients such as Hitachi Data Systems, through to technology start-ups like Advisr Technologies, the KL team are able to operate in all environments, applying well-proven principles and capabilities with equal effect in all situations.  


Our team have extensive experience of working with high performance teams in elite and international sports, international governments,  and a range of industry and commercial environments. 


Focus on delivering value and being accountable for outcomes ensures that our clients always receive our total focus and commitment. 





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