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KL focuses on driving change to deliver growth for our clients.  However, change and growth initiatives require exceptional leadership to be successful.  Understanding the difference between leading and managing is crucial when forging new direction, or combatting emerging threats.  Leadership itself takes on many forms and styles, depending on the individual concerned.  Some leaders are quiet and reflective, others animated, overt and enthusiastically driven.  However, effective and sustainable leadership always has a common foundation; the creation, inspiration and motivation of willing followers to achieve a defined goal.

Understanding the principles of leadership is essential to being able to adapt and lead.  Different conditions, cultures and people require leaders to be able adjust their style accordingly.  To a very few leaders, this is natural.  To most it is something that can be developed with coaching, support and awareness. 

If you're in doubt about whether your organisation needs to develop its leadership skills, look for the following signs;

Employee morale declining

Shareprice falling

Decrease in organisational KPIs

Staff turnover increasing

Customer complaints increasing

Negative press or reputational damage

Organisations experiencing these - and many other - indicators need to invest in the development and support of their leaders. 

KL provides detailed and critical analysis of the causes of organisational performance issues, building a rapid picture of the opportunities and threats facing you.  We work with leaders to understand their style, motivation, behaviours and impact, and map this to the performance analysis.  We will then design a capability and skills improvement programme for either individual leaders or the extended leadership team to develop 'Level 5 Leadership'.  In addition to personal development, we help our clients to focus on leadership actions and behaviours using our 'Framework of Leadership' model.  KL's experts also hold Myers Briggs (MBTI) Certified Practitioner qualifications, aiding in both understanding and developing leaders and teams.

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